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Wow what a weekend it’s been! I can’t believe I held my first London summit last week and it sold out. It was such a pleasure meeting you all and spending the day raising your vibes, giving transformational workshops and having lots of fun. So here is what happened at my first Spiritual Queen Summit…


The Speakers

I myself hosted two workshops throughout the day covering ego, intuition and our purpose here. Not only was I joined by my book publisher Sean Patrick but my author friends Hannah Wallace, Kamran Bedi & Fab Giovanetti. They each delivered incredible workshops from mental health to doing our divine feminine work, everyone commented on how each of our workshops really complimented each other’s and I was proud to bring such incredible souls onto the stage with me at the end for a really insightful panel session. I felt like these guys were my family supporting me the entire way, the vibes in the room were incredible and I couldn’t think of better speakers and friends to share the stage with than these Angels.

The Goody Bags  

I worked with some incredible brands to bring the guests of the Summit a goody bag they wouldn’t forget! I myself included some items from my merchandise range, but OGX kindly provided shampoo and conditioner samples, Elsa’s Organic kindly provided natural deodorants, Arkana UK kindly provided a lip kit and moisturiser, Better You kindly provided a magnesium foot soak and Vega kindly provided protein samples. I also included an envelope for one of my practices set throughout the day and an oracle card to help guests channel into the answers they came to the Summit for.

The Venue

We held the Summit at the Grange hotel in Holborn, it was incredibly central and a stunning hotel as you will see from my YouTube video. After being let down in the beginning by the hotel I had originally booked I am so pleased I found the Grange as it was perfect and the room had such an incredible vibe which everyone commented on throughout the day. Getting Personal also kindly gifted my Spiritual Queen balloons for the day which you will have also seen at my book launch. I loved these balloons so much I couldn’t not have them at my Summit too. Getting Personal have also given my followers an exclusive 15% OFF their website if you use code – EMMA15.


Hannah and I provided meditations throughout the day and chanting to help ground in all the information my lovely guests were taking in from speakers and practises. Not only did we have fun dancing to our high-vibe music it was important to take some moments throughout the day to reflect, ground and go within.

Getting To Meet You All

At the end of the day after the panel we did a meet and great book signing. I thoroughly enjoyed getting the chance to speak to you all one-to-one, taking selfie’s, hearing about your day and what you thought of the book. I loved chatting to you and hearing about your incredible manifestation stories, and also how much you couldn’t wait for the retreat which is happening in July. I’m so proud that I was brave enough to plan this summit, pull it off with my speakers and create a day that lit you up Queen’s as that’s what my intention was to create a summit that brought you joy, enlightenment and positive vibes.

Thank You

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the incredible ladies who came to my Summit it was a pleasure meeting you and thank you for creating a space of love and light for me to feel 100% comfortable speaking in front of you. A big thank you to my guest speakers and helpers who ensured the day ran smoothly for us. Also, Tia who did the photography and videography as always she brought her incredible vibes and passion which really shows through her work. Also, thank you to the brands who gifted and help made the goody bags epic!

What Did My Tribe Think Of The Day…

“Emma’s event was the best law of attraction even I’ve ever been to. Lots of high vibes and good energy in the room. The way Emma and the other guest speakers interact with everyone makes it intimate and feel you’re a part of something really special. It was life changing!” – Emma T

“I had such a fantastic time at the Spiritual Queen Summit. I got so many downloads because the vibe was so high and I left feeling inspired” – Anni

“Literally had THE best day ever at Emma’s Spiritual Queen Summit. Enjoyed every single second from the upbeat dancing, amazing interactive workshops, speakers, meditations and beautiful chanting which gave me the feels. I’ve taken so much away from today and want to do it all over again!” – Kelly M

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post on the day as always let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I can’t wait to do the Summit all over again next February! My next event the Spiritual Queen Retreat is live now and and Early Bird tickets are available here. I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you are up to and enjoy seeing the footage from the Summit, Lots of Love xx

Photography & Videography by @TiaTalula and photo edits by @RubyFearless

Emma xx
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