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Getting up in front of a crowd of strangers and talking can be hard, let alone sharing your personal message or your beliefs. So I wanted to share with you this week how you can heal the fear of public speaking and sharing your message with the world.

So many of us were born with the fear of persecution wound, not wanting to stand out, make a fuss or draw attention to ourselves – let alone when sharing our message with the world. So it may surprise you to learn that as a child I was really quiet I didn’t speak, I was shy and even ran away from having a photo with Jonathan Ross in Hollywood because he was scary – plus I had no idea who he was back then! My parents encouraged me to do performing arts as a child to start talking and gain confidence, this really did help me as I loved acting, singing and dancing it allowed me to be that confident version of Emma I craved to be.

Throughout my adult life confidence has come naturally to me, simply because I’ve allowed myself to be myself and wing it constantly. When I was suddenly thrown into the spotlight of the national press and ITV’s This Morning for my money-saving business, I don’t know what came over me as soon as the cameras turned on I was that confident performing arts Emma who could stand up on stage and confidently deliver my message. That was until I started my spiritual journey, as with most teachers/speakers out there as soon as you stop reading off a script and have to tell your own story – that’s where the fear comes up. Would people judge me? What if people think I’m stupid because I’m a 25-year-old life coach? Why would anyone listen to me anyway? These same fears came up in me when I started my money-saving business four years prior, how was I any different to the experts already established in the industry? My uniqueness was my superpower because there wasn’t anyone out there like me, who was authentic, who would keep it real, relatable and who genuinely wanted to help people this is true in both of my works. So remember it doesn’t matter how many times it’s been done before, it’s never been done by YOU before.

“My uniqueness was my superpower because there wasn’t anyone out there like me, who was authentic, who would keep it real, relatable and who genuinely wanted to help people”

So what allowed me to combat this fear and start hosting my own events? Well, you’ll probably be surprised to know that my recent Spiritual Queen Summit in London a few weeks ago was the second time in my whole life I’d spoken at an event. Yes I’ve done live TV before but a 3-minute interview is very different to an hour workshop in front of fifty people plus. All eyes are on you, and especially when people are paying to see you it was vital for me that they left feeling inspired and uplifted. So let’s rewind back to my first time speaking it was last year at my friend Aisha’s Get Lit Retreat. I had a rough idea in my head of what I wanted to talk about but as soon as I got up in front of everyone I forgot exactly what I was meant to be saying, so I winged it as always and it did help people but I was rushing, I wasn’t listening to my body’s needs and ultimately I was word vomiting not actually giving the audience time to digest what I was saying. My throat was closing up and my voice kept going this is a sign of your throat chakra being out of balance and when I reflect back to that time in my life I definitely wasn’t speaking up in my personal life.

So this time around how did I make a change? Well for one I made sure my head was in the right space, that I had meditated before and really grounded myself into the room. We set the vibes, cleansed the room and I had my amazing speakers, friends and team around me who I always feel held and supported by. My number one tip is to not plan your talk at all especially if you channel or have a spiritual message! Obviously, I had some meditations and practises in mind which I prepared beforehand but I personally find my best talks come when I don’t plan at all, I allow the Universe to channel through me and I pick up on what the audience needs that day. I know a lot of spiritual teachers do this and I was shocked at how well my workshops flowed when I flowed. I drank plenty of water this time, spoke slower and allowed myself to be held by the room and the amazing people in it.

Listening to your body’s needs when speaking in public is so important for me it’s my overactive throat chakra that’s why I always make sure that before an event I’m voicing my truth, not holding back anything and will do a meditation to balance it. Your throat most commonly will play up during a talk because it not only houses our voice but our truth and our passion. So when you’re talking about your passion it’s going to flow, it’s going to ignite your soul and light up the room – but what if your fear is holding you back? Now we’ve all heard of the ‘imagine them all naked’ term well I don’t do that but for some people, the fear of persecution is super real! Think about it in past lifetimes we would have been killed, drowned or burnt at the stake for talking about our spiritual beliefs. Really this is the first lifetime where we’re not going to die for talking about manifesting, crystals and moon cycles publically. So remember this could be some past life work that needs addressing, also our throat is linked to our womb. Sometimes when we’re having throat issues it can also be linked to our womb space, our divine feminine energy and any fear we’re housing in our womb space. So I encourage you here to check in with yourself and see where this fear roots back to. Was it this lifetime, a past one or are you suppressing your message to fit in as not to be seen as too out there?

Your tribe will always hold you and that’s what I’ve learnt whether it’s your own event or speaking at another person’s hold the space and the audience will also hold it for you. Set the intention beforehand of positive vibes and people feeling uplifted and inspired. Allow the Universe to channel through you, don’t plan or overthink it too much but most importantly allow your passion and authenticity to come through. That will shine brighter than any script you could have put together beforehand. Also, remember everyone has to start somewhere my first talk didn’t go to plan but I kept going and I’m so glad I did and had up-levelled so much in myself. So that this time around I knew myself even more, I knew my message more clearly and could stand there and say…this is me loud and proud!

I hope this blog post has helped you and encouraged you to speak up and get sharing your message. If you’d like to come to my next event the Spiritual Queen Retreat then you can find out all the information here. As always let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you are up to lots of love xx

Photography by @tiatalula, @aida_rodlem & edits by @rubyfearless

Emma xx
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