Recently I asked you over on Instagram stories ‘What would you like to see more of from me?’ I asked this question as recently I’ve been looking at my direction in my work this year and wanted to know what you guys would like to see. One of the responses was about my life coaching sessions, what goes on in them and what are the most common topics I cover?

I started life coaching two years ago this July which seems mad to me as it has flown by! I never thought life coaching was something I’d want to get into but after I had numerous requests from you guys I thought hey why not let’s give it a go. I then qualified as a life coach through an online diploma – although you don’t need any qualifications in the UK currently to be a life coach, for me I wanted something behind me to give me guidance, to learn what I should be doing and also to give my clients peace of mind also. I’m so glad I did do this as it helped me to shape my sessions and create a structure – I knew exactly what I didn’t want to do as a life coach and that was equally as important.

I didn’t want to tie people into eight-week programmes and charge the high heavens to prove ‘I know my worth’ I wanted to make my sessions accessible and flexible for my clients because that’s what I’d want going to a coach. Let’s be real the average person doesn’t have £5,000 free to hand over to a coach for a programme, there are already great people out there doing that. So I knew in my heart I wanted to create a pay-as-you-go system where the clients tell me when they’re done not me! It should never be down to the coach to tell someone when they’re ‘fixed’ or ‘healed’ in my eyes the client should always be challenged to know when they feel confident enough to not need sessions anymore. The goal for me is that my clients eventually don’t need any more sessions and that’s a great reason to celebrate because they’ve accomplished everything they wanted to with my help! There were a lot of methods I’ve seen which I didn’t like also, I don’t believe a life coach should sit there for an hour impartial and not giving much in terms of energy, help, or tools. The reason why clients go to a coach in the first place is to gain guidance, tools, techniques and practical ways to improve situations in their life not just to be listened too – they want actionable steps and tasks to lead them to success.

This is what has recently helped me design my own ‘Life Coach Session Planners’ which I sell in my website shop and Etsy Store for wellness, health and life coaches. I created these because I wanted one for a long time in my own sessions and was using my Law of Attraction desk planners in sessions as that’s the closest I could get! So if you’re a coach – I feel you, and I hope my planner will help you with the note sections, prompting questions and task/goal setting for the client. I have created the planners to reflect a rough guide of how I do my own sessions, what my focuses are and what I need to ask each time. Obviously, these can be tailored to your own questions, techniques and preferences but I thought this would also be useful for coaches out there who are just starting and want the structure and guidance.

So what happens in my coaching sessions? Well, a whole variety of topics are covered although I focus on the law of attraction, spirituality and business specifically. I do also cover relationships, career and other issues clients may have all by using the law of attraction and other tools to resolve these. Some clients want to learn more about the law of attraction and have the accountability, others simply want to come for business coaching to help them launch their brand or develop and grow an existing one. I like the variety my sessions bring me as no one client will be the same and I love meeting new people and seeing their success grow over our sessions. Another question I get asked regularly is how many sessions does a client need? This completely comes down to the client and how quickly they learn, or shift things in their life. Some business clients only need a few sessions, some life coaching clients have had anything from 5-12 sessions before over a course of a few months. I personally suggest to my clients to have a session once every two weeks or once a month – some of my clients before were booking in each week and I felt this wasn’t enough time for them to really go away and action the tasks we set or see improvements in their life. This will change from coach to coach but I found this was a great system for me that everyone was happy with and enabled my sessions to still be fully flexible to the client.

Structure wise my business coaching and life coaching sessions do look a little different to each other – but I do often merge these for clients as they may want both. During our sessions, we will establish what goals or improvements the client would like to make, we then dive into why the client may feel blocked, or triggered in their life. We then work through these blocks and I will recommend resources, tools and techniques for the client to use outside of our sessions if they were to feel these triggers again. I then set the clients tasks to complete by the next time we talk, to ensure they are going away and actioning everything we’ve spoken about in our session. We then may also create affirmations for the client to help them manifest their goals into reality. I often like to let the client tell me what they’d like to cover in their sessions, although I will intuitively be lead to exploring some areas more in-depth if one week they want to discuss money and the next relationships – then that is what we do. We often cover a lot in our hour sessions so I always make sure the client is writing notes down to reflect on afterwards.

So I hope that has helped you to learn a little more about what happens in my sessions with clients and how I structure them. If you’d like to purchase my Life Coach Session Planner then you can do so from here. I hope you have a fantastic week whatever you are up to and as always please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you’d to book a life coaching session with me or find out about my email packages then you can do so here. Lots of love xx

Emma xx
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