Whether you’re aware of Mercury Retrograde currently or not you’ve probably heard spiritual folk talk about it online and seen memes about how troublesome it can be. Although I believe Mercury Retrograde can be seen as a positive over a negative it’s easier said than done when you’re living through the disruption. So this week I wanted to share with you my top tips for when Mercury Retrograde is stopping you and how you can navigate the next 3 weeks as smoothly as possible.

If you saw my blog post last week you will have seen me talk about eclipse season and what’s happening cosmically if you haven’t read that post please do make sure to have a read as this will make more sense when you know what’s happening with eclipses too. Mercury Retrograde happens when the planet goes stationary and then appears to be moving backward. It happens three times a year and lasts 3 weeks at a time. During this time technology, travel, communication and plans can go haywire and this is what causes frustrations to happen. Even this morning for me having felt fine over the weekend my technology decided to not work for me and my client this morning in our coaching session meaning we got on ten minutes late, then when trying to be productive and record a podcast episode straight afterwards my computer then decided it needed an update and wouldn’t work until I had done one. Following on from those delays my plans for the bank holiday got canceled and I had to sort another issue surrounding another event next week. So all in all it was a stressful introduction to my bank holiday Monday but I want to share with you the positives that did come from a delayed and problematic morning.

It, first of all, slowed me down to show me what my priorities were this week and to address one thing at a time. It showed me to trust in divine timing and that the plan reroutes would still work out and please everyone despite my Virgo self feeling frustrated things weren’t working. It reminded me and my client in our session that we aren’t in control and sometimes we do need to slow down. Really all Mercury Retrograde is doing is slowing us down to highlight to us what we need to shine our attention onto. So for me, it was looking at my workload and working through one thing at a time and letting myself be supported. It was realising the reroute of plans wasn’t bad and that divine timing was at play here – no matter how much I tried to control things Mercury showed me I’m not in control. So ask yourself when hit was disruption – what is this trying to show me? What do I need to be looking at here?

“During Mercury Retrograde it’s a great time to rest, restore, relax, reevaluate and really look at anything that hasn’t been serving you. See this time as an opportunity to go within and priortise you and your wellbeing. As frustrating as delays and detours can be in our life as we know there is always a reason why. The Universe makes no mistakes.”

Mercury Retrograde is not here to punish us nor has it ever, all it is is a friendly reminder to slow down and allow reflection to occur. During Mercury Retrograde it’s a great time to rest, restore, relax, reevaluate and really look at anything that hasn’t been serving you. See this time as an opportunity to go within and prioritise you and your wellbeing. As frustrating as delays and detours can be in our life as we know there is always a reason why. The Universe makes no mistakes. So really allow yourself to ground back into the present moment and be still during this time. If things become too much for you then honour your needs and do what you need to in order to prioritise yourself and peace. Maybe it’s taking yourself off for a walk, spending time on self-care, or even doing a grounding meditation. Epsom & Himalayan salt baths are also fantastic for helping you to ground and clear away the funky energy of the day so do make sure you’re filling your cup over the time frame.

Once Mercury has gone direct again on the 22nd June 2021 you can then look at what you’ve discovered and learnt over the three-week period and apply this moving forwards. There is certainly no need to freak out or panic over the next few weeks, while yes there maybe frustrations that happen all this is doing is serving as a reminder to slow down and witness what it’s triggering up for you. As we know this too shall pass so don’t waste time feeling down in the dumps if Mercury Retrograde does rain on your parade use it as an invitation to dive deeper and go within to reflect. Although many say don’t sign or agree to anything in a Mercury Retrograde this is not true – life still happens and we continue on so if you feel unsure of anything then use the next three weeks to feel solid and certain in your next move but if you feel a full-body YASS, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t move forwards too during this period.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and it’s given you some great tips and tools to help you positively navigate Mercury Retrograde when you feel it’s stopping you. Don’t forget the doors to my Manifestation Membership are open for the next week! The membership launched 18 months ago now which means when you sign-up you get instant access to over 18 months worth of topics and content. The membership is an affordable and accessible group coaching setting where you get monthly live moon circles and coaching sessions with myself, as well as industry expert live circles, workbooks, meditations, videos, downloadable content and much more each and every month! If you’d like to find out more information and what’s included then you can find everything by clicking here and also how you can sign up. Join me and make 2021 a year filled with magic and manifestation! I can’t wait to see you in there Queen and help you manifest your dreams this year. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to. I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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