This week I wanted to do a blog post on something I get asked a lot in my coaching work and from followers also – why isn’t the law of attraction working for me currently? Although the Law of Attraction is always working for us there can be times when we block or unknowingly stop the flow of abundance to ourselves, meaning that we may not be manifesting as often as we’d like or we’ve stopped altogether. So here are my top five reasons why the law of attraction isn’t working for you currently…


The number one reason why people don’t manifest often or stop altogether is because they’re not being consistent with themselves or practises. Many will use the Law of Attraction to manifest something big into their lives then stop everything they did on a daily basis to manifest it and wonder why more abundance and manifestations aren’t coming their way. Remember the Universe is one giant reflection if you can’t be consistent with yourself how can the Universe be consistent with you? Make sure that you’re doing gratitude and any other spiritual practises you enjoy doing each day as this is showing up and will allow you to also be in a consistent vibration also – which is another key component to the Law of Attraction. If you want to feel happy, uplifted and positive consistently then you’ve got to put the continuous effort into filling your own cup. That’s not to say you won’t have down days or moments but when your consistently working on your vibes and healing your come back rate will get quicker each time. So if you can put your hand up and admit you stopped all your practises get consistent with yourself and you’ll see the abundance start pouring in again.

Getting Clear

The next block I see often is that people just don’t get clear enough on what they’d like manifest or what their dream life looks like in general. The Universe loves clarity so really sit down with yourself today and think about whether you’ve really got clear on what it is you’d like to manifest? Writing dream lists can really help with this so that you can get clear in your own mind exactly what you’d like and the Universe will respond with the same clarity. So for instance, if you’d like to manifest your dream partner – what do they look like? What characteristics and traits would you like them to have? If you’re struggling with this then think about all the things you definitely don’t want in this person and write the opposite down of that so if you’ve been cheated on you would want someone loyal, honest and committed to you. You can use dream lists for any manifestation whether it be a job, house, a new business or anything else you can put your mind to. Keep your lists safe afterwards as this way you can refer back to it when you think your manifestation has arrived. Getting clear on your manifestations allows the Universe to be specific with you – so while it’s great to list all of these requirements down, be flexible and open-minded to the Universe bringing you this or something better.

“Remember the Universe is one giant reflection if you can’t be consistent with yourself how can the Universe be consistent with you?”


Your Holding On Too Tightly

Another block which may be stopping your manifestations from coming into fruition is that you haven’t let go. Letting go is such a vital step in the Law of Attraction and can be a tricky one to navigate. Essentially letting go means that you become at peace with both outcomes, that your okay with it happening and have faced your worst case scenario of it not happening also. It’s about being in a neutral state where you’re grateful for everything you have currently and in a trusting state that the Universe will bring your desire to you as long as it’s for your highest good. It can almost seem backwards asking and believing for your desire then having to let it all go, but this is the key to allowing abundance to flow to you – so get surrendering!

Not Being Present Enough

Being present is key in manifesting it can be so easy to future trip and almost live in the future constantly instead of being in the present moment and being aware. Are you actively putting in energy and taking inspired action towards your desires? I myself can hold my hands up to this one – where I get so busy in my work and personal life that I forget I want to manifest some sales or new clients etc then as soon as I think about it again and put my intentions out there boom they come. So my question to you is are you manifesting regularly? Are you often thinking about and journalling down weekly or monthly manifestation goals so that the Universe knows what you want to attract week in week out? We can all be guilty of getting so busy with everyday life that we forget to take our inspired action and actually even ask for what we want in the first place.

Your Vibes & Alignment

Finally, check in with yourself here are your vibes where they should be? Remember like attracts like so if you’ve put your intentions out there are you in alignment with that manifestation? Think about the version of yourself that has this manifestation already – how would they act, think, feel? The key to acting as if is to mirror the emotions and vibes this version of yourself would feel. Another example is if you’ve written a dream partner or dream career list – if you’ve put that you want someone adventurous on your list are you adventurous? Once again even if it’s attracting new friends you need to become a vibrational match for your desire so that it can align with you. Most of the time this version of yourself would be happy, relaxed and carefree if they had this manifestation – so really focus on this energy and inject some happiness into your life again.

I hope this blog post has helped you identify some possible blocks that you may have with manifesting currently. Just remember that the Law of Attraction is always working for you but sometimes we hit a bump in the road and all we need to do is shine some light on it and address it for the abundance to start pouring in again. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below. Don’t forget you can still get tickets to my Spiritual Queen Retreat which is happening in July all information can be viewed here. I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you are up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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