I‘d heard of spiritual flu before and experienced it once before after releasing an energy vampire from my life. It was strange because it was just like flu I’d experienced so many times before but spiritual flu is different – it hits you like a truck! So this week I wanted to talk to you about how to look out for spiritual flu and why this happens?

Everything is energy and when our bodies need to release stagnant or old energy you’d think it would be an invisible process involving calm methods such as breathing or meditation. While yes most of the time we do release energy without even realising – sometimes some stubborn energy may be more noticeable. Now without sounding too graphic sickness and what comes out the other end can also be releases of energy. So if you’re being sick, or you’re releasing a lot down there these are common signs that you’re releasing stagnant energy of purging the old. Beautiful isn’t it!

You may also find that out of nowhere your hit with ‘spiritual flu’ this is normal human flu but on steroids, it’s very intense, comes out of nowhere and really knocks you for six. I myself had this a few weeks ago,  I was perfectly fine when I went to bed I then woke up in the early hours with the most intense pain in my throat. After taking some pain killers I managed to go back to sleep, during the next day I felt fine apart from a sore throat then all of a sudden in the afternoon my body was absolutely not loving life. I felt extremely sick out of nowhere, I was sweating and couldn’t move. I ended up staying in bed for six hours solid that afternoon not being able to do much at all. I couldn’t eat, think, talk or do much apart from surrender and sleep for this time. It was really intense and I started to understand why this may have happened. My throat was the starting point and I’d never felt pain like that before, what had I done a day before this hit me? I gained the courage to finally speak my absolute truth in all areas of my life, I was vulnerable and opened myself up. So hello throat chakra release and then boom I get laryngitis (which is a persistent throat viral infection). I ended up losing my voice for well over a week and being in bed exhausted and achy most days. So why did this happen?

I believe I was integrating a major lesson in my life, I was also purging energy. I won’t tell you the gory details but my throat was cleansing itself very much during this time! This could have been old stagnant energy that had been trapped in my throat chakra which could now finally be released or my body up-levelling who knows. What was even weirder was although I’d lost my psychical voice, I also couldn’t bring myself to write content online, post on Instagram nothing. My voice really was taken – during this time though I realised why the Universe hits us with these mysterious illnesses. For me personally, it was to completely stop me in my tracks, stop me from wanting to work and to post so that I could truly rest and focus on myself. During this week I was able to think a lot, about my ideas of happiness, fulfilment and re-evaluate a lot in my life. I was able to truly put myself first which I haven’t been able to do in a long time due to work and life getting in the way.

From this week I learnt that I didn’t feel the pressure anymore to post every day online, that nothing bad would happen if I did miss a day or even a week like this. That you guys would still be there supporting me and it was okay to rest, relax and put myself first for once. So the reason why the Universe does this is to show us that we can stop, quite literally and sometimes if your stubborn like me the Universe needs to even take your voice and make you bed ridden. So if you do get hit with spiritual flu or any other mysterious illness then first of all see if it’s linked to a chakra like mine was. Have you just learnt a big lesson? Could you cleanse this chakra with affirmations, crystals or meditations? Has a cycle or lesson in your life come to a end? Sometimes all we can do in those moments is truly surrender to this energy and allow it to flow through us. What is it bringing up for you? Do you need to rest more and make time for yourself?

It can feel like a big inconvenience especially when it hits you like a truck out of nowhere but sometimes we need to be stopped in our tracks so that we can clear our minds and focus on what the Universe needs us to address right now. After that week I finally got my voice back, my inspiration to post and I could finally work again. What I learnt over that week is how grateful I truly am for my voice, how it allows me to share my authentic voice and message with the world and communicate with my loved ones. It allowed me to re-align, re-evaluate and re-define how I felt within myself, my work and my message. It showed me that it was safe to be vulnerable and voice my truth in 100% of my life. No matter what the Universe does to us it’s always looking out for us and this is all happening for our highest good. So if you get hit with spiritual flu, check in with yourself, surrender to rest and give yourself permission to just be in that moment. Your being forced to stop for a reason and while your body maybe up-levelling and purging your job is allow this inner work to happen. Like my two instances, it was always after a big lesson or shift so don’t be alarmed if this does happen next time you overcome a big lesson. Either way your safe, protected and this time is for you to come back to yourself, remember what’s important and to surrender to the process.

I hope this blog post has helped you and may even explain some mystery illnesses you may have had along the way. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments box below. Don’t forget my book Spiritual Queen is out now and available worldwide. I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you’re up sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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