This week I wanted to share with you my five top tips on how to manifest more money into your life. Money has always been one of my manifesting strengths and certainly a topic I feel called to talk about more with you. Not only have I been sharing more content about money over on my YouTube channel recently, I also wanted to bring five proven practical ways to start manifesting more money today!

Set  Regular Goals

I’ve always mentioned the importance of regularly manifesting goals so that you can be in a consistent vibration of abundance and flow in life. This certainly goes for money also – I always suggest that at the beginning of each month (even on the New Moon) that you set yourself monthly goals including a money manifestation goal. Personally, because I’m self-employed I write how much I’d like to earn in total for that month even if I know something is a ‘certain income’. Many who are employed who have a certain salary each month might prefer to just manifest a figure on top of this. So I challenge you to do this during this month, think of the first figure that comes into your mind and write it down. You could write it in a journal under your monthly goals, on your New Moon list or even on a magic check from the book ‘The Magic’ which you can print out for free here. Keep doing this each month and see your consistency with money manifestations grow!

Get  Real With Your Finances

One tip I like to give my coaching clients is to really sit down and get real with your finances. How can you be grateful for what you have currently if you have no idea what you have currently? Avoidance is the biggest block with manifesting money where people feel so desperate they purposefully avoid bills, checking their online banking or statements to ‘feel abundant’. I can guarantee this fear is not adding to your abundance, get real and sit down with your finances. Work out exactly how much money you do have so that you know how much you need to manifest. Once you have an exact figure you’ll be able to feel more gratitude for that figure no matter how big or small it is and you will now be clear on how much you want to manifest. How can the Universe know what you want to manifest unless you have a clear idea yourself? When I wanted to manifest being debt free finally three years ago I thought my debts were around £5,000 I had no idea really – but after sitting down and working it all out I realised I needed more like £7,000 to be completely debt free. I kept holding the vision of being debt free rather than just manifesting £7,000 and five days later after months of no luck, I manifested £10,000 in one hit from a new opportunity I had no idea about previously.

Open Up To All Possibilities

Again this is another common block I see with money manifestations that people only believe money can come to them through their monthly salary. As we all know with manifesting we need to be open to all possibilities ‘this or something better’ and this is exactly the same with money. Many say ‘Well I’d have to win the lottery’ but then you ask them and they don’t even play the lottery. Big amounts of money can come from literally anywhere – bonuses, pay rises, inheritance, tax refunds, refunds in general, gifts, coupons, freebies, discounts get creative and broaden your horizons money can come from anywhere so let the Universe surprise you with how it happens. Your job isn’t to questions the how’s, when’s or why’s it’s to set your intention, take inspired action and let go of how it will happen.

Make A Plan B

Another question I get asked frequently is what if you need to manifest money in a specific time is it possible? While yes I do think it’s possible, a lot of this comes down to whether the individual can truly ‘let go’ and surrender to this or something better. If you need the money urgently then you can imagine the desperation vibes that are being put out there into the Universe. That’s not to say it’s not possible it certainly is, but realistically I couldn’t let go if I had a time frame in mind as felt desperate just because I would be controlling the manifestation. What I always suggest to my fellow manifestation controllers is to always make a financial plan B if the money doesn’t materialise. This way you can relax in the knowledge that you have a plan B if need be and sometimes when we accept both outcomes this helps us to surrender and let go of the outcome.

How To  Really Act As If With Money

Finally, acting as if. This is an important step in the Law of Attraction process and many believe with money you should be going out and splurging your money to ‘act as if’ or to ‘know your worth’. This is absolutely not the truth and will only leave you feeling more anxious and desperate to manifest money. I’ve seen shocking marketing campaigns by industry experts claiming that if you invest scaringly large amounts of money into them they can guarantee the Universe will reward you. This is NOT a guarantee anyone can give you and the Universe would not ask that of you. Yes, you need to sometimes take risks, big leaps of faith and inspired action – but that’s got to feel in alignment for you. It’s got to not put you in a worse position or further in debt otherwise no matter what you get out of a course or product you’re still going to be in debt and now have to pay that off also whilst trying to stay positive and manifest money – let’s be real that’s not a great vibe to be in. So acting as if the right way is thinking about the vibration you would feel if you had the money right now which would be – feeling relaxed, happy, not worrying about it and enjoying life. That’s what you need to embody now whilst still being realistic with your finances and only spending what feels good and in alignment for you. Those good vibes around spending what feels good for you are what is going to attract even more money to you.

I hope this blog post has helped you guys and if you’d like to know more about how to create more wealth and fulfilment in your life right now then you can join me for my manifestation masterclass webinar on this on the 6th June 2019 you can find out all the information here. I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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