Let’s be honest the thought of someone truly seeing us and our true self is scary. So many of us try to hide or protect some aspects of ourselves and even I can admit allowing myself truly being seen can be hard. It’s opening ourselves up to being truly vulnerable and allowing ourselves to trust the process and trust the happiness and love that will come from being our authentic selves.

After watching Brene Brown’s new Netflix talk ‘A Call To Courage’ I left feeling inspired and challenged to be more vulnerable in my life and to allow myself to be truly seen. Over the last year since my re-brand into Spiritual Queen, I really have allowed myself to be seen by you guys and allowed myself to show up more authentically to my calling. This has allowed me to be my true self and know that I am supported and seen. My work has shifted so much by me doing this and has continued to grow, thrive and help more of you which has been the biggest blessing and relief that I can really be my true self online and in my work. What I wasn’t doing was doing the same thing in my personal life. For many reasons like past wounding and family even not accepting my spiritual work I do still feel like I can’t be my true authentic self sometimes around them, I have to dull down or talk about topics I don’t want to and well just be ‘normal’. Also in my closest relationships with friends and even with my partner, I wouldn’t allow myself to be seen fully seen due to protection and my walls being up. I always felt like I was very open, loving and authentically myself but looking back I really wasn’t at all. This has absolutely been a journey for me and one which has allowed me to take risks and create even more abundance in my life.

In Your Work

Being seen in your work is super important to ensure that your ideas and inspiration can be heard. Allowing your boss to truly see you can be scary and many find they put up fronts at work or don’t let people in. Being vulnerable isn’t a weakness and that’s what many including myself misjudge. Being vulnerable means that you are strong and confident enough to turn up as your authentic self and shine. I love Brene Brown’s take on this by showing up and being in the arena of life you are going to get your arse kicked but you always pick yourself back up and try and try again. This reminded me of my book process and getting my first book published I kept getting no after no and not once did I think about giving up because I believed in it that much and thank god I did because after many rejections the right publisher believed in me and my vision. I could have changed my brand, I could have changed the content of my book to please other publishers but that wasn’t me and that wasn’t being authentically myself either. So always remember people may not always like your authentic self but that’s their problem eventually the right people will love you and your ideas and that’s all that matters.

In Your Life’s Purpose

Showing up for yourself is super important also, being authentic and vulnerable with yourself to be able to explore your shadow and actively work on yourself to be the best version of yourself. Again so many people want to be positive and have that inner peace yet they’re not prepared to do the work, the real deep soul work where you can call out your own bullshit because that’s real self-love. You’ve got to be honest and vulnerable enough with yourself first and foremost and to truly allow yourself to be seen behind closed doors. That starts with you and your commitment to dealing with wounding, triggers or any other part of your shadow self that may come up to the surface to be healed. This self-improvement journey is a journey an ongoing one and to witness that we’re all a work in progress allows us to be our true authentic self.

In Your Relationships

Now hands up if you struggle to allow yourself to truly be seen and vulnerable in your relationships? Being seen and being vulnerable with my partner scared the living daylights out of me, opening myself up to someone after all my past hurts was hard and I thought I’d nailed it, but as twin flames do he triggered me to show me more work needed to be done and boy did it! I would protect myself so deeply and put up every wall with him because I was so petrified. Of what I thought – being truly seen! I guess because he’s not spiritual I’m always careful not to have really deep spiritual conversations because he is the Ying to my Yang, he balances me well and keeps me grounded. Yet from this fear of truly being seen and from not allowing myself to truly vulnerable with him either, it didn’t create peace far from it – it only created distance and tension. It was when I was talking to my friend George in January who is also a psychic he said ‘Emma in order for this to work you have to truly allow yourself to be seen by him and be vulnerable’ I said ‘What if I get hurt again?’ George replied ‘That’s just it, you have to take that risk and believe that this time it’s different’. The thought of doing this sounded petrifying my ego was going into overtime of ‘Hell no you have boundaries, you protect yourself, he must prove himself first’. Well, the truth was I needed to show I could be truly vulnerable first, take that big leap of faith and heal my past wounding. I relaxed into my divine feminine energy more and realised he was the one person who I needed to be authentic and vulnerable with I was able to do it with every part of my life except with him. So I took the big leap of faith and told him all the things that scared me deeply to say, I allowed myself to be vulnerable and I allowed myself to truly show up. This is part of our work here lightworkers and whether your with your soulmate, twin flame or whatever resonates with you – they need to see all of you just as you want to see all of them. Vulnerability without boundaries isn’t vulnerability but also don’t let your ego talk you into ridiculous stories and boundaries for protection.

My top tips for allowing yourself to truly be seen and be vulnerable in your life is to do or say the things that scare you the most. The things that make your ego want to run for the hills and hide, for me this was allowing my loved ones to truly see me, allowing myself to be vulnerable around them and lowering my walls. It came from knowing I was safe, I was held and most importantly that the Universe had my back also on this one I could trust it this time. That I wouldn’t be hurt again and even if I was, I could handle it and better this time from a place of peacefulness, calmness and clarity. Vulnerability and allowing yourself to truly be seen can be gut-wrenching but the rewards that come from that place of trust, love and authenticity are priceless. The happiness and joy you will feel from speaking your truth, not having to hide away or apologise for who you are is worth it all I promise. So today ask yourself how can I allow myself to be seen more and be vulnerable – where can I soften?

I hope this blog post has helped you guys and allowed you to see the real magic behind authenticity and vulnerability. It creates shifts and peace within yourself, so if your inner world is peaceful and authentic then your outer world will have to reflect that also through the Law of Attraction. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget my book Spiritual Queen is available worldwide now! I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you are up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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