The topic of letting go and surrendering is the one question I get asked time and time again. And although I have oodles of practical tips and tools in my book Positively Wealthy I wanted to share with you 5 simple ways you can let go and detach from your manifestations this week.

I get it, letting go and surrendering is a tricky one to master. It has certainly been a big learning curve for me in the past and continues to be a practice I have to lean into with manifesting. When we really want an outcome or something specific to happen with our desires it can be hard to just ‘let go’ and be at peace will all possibilities. With so much planetary movement in March we are all as a collective on the cusp of new beginnings and new energy even on a personal level. Last week I spoke about how we can prepare for our manifestations which is absolutely spot on to the energy right now so please go back and read that post too as this will help in these letting go steps.

Physically, Mentally, Emotionally 

If you’re gripping onto your emotion too tightly right now it may not just be the manifestation you’re struggling to let go of. Look around in your life is there anything in your home you physically need to let go of from your past? Do you need a declutter? Is your body holding onto emotions or energy from the past also? Mentally are you living in the past? Do you struggle to let the past go and be in the present moment? Then look at your emotional body too – are you ready to let go of something that’s emotionally been weighing you down? Normally I find the resistance to letting go authentically and fully is due to inner work or fears cropping up so see if you can work on these and release them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Shifting energy in your home, mind, and body can change so much in your physical reality so allow that energy to shift.

Lean Into Acceptance

The reason why my ‘Plan B’ method works so well is that you lean into acceptance of all possibilities. It’s very easy to build resistance to the outcome you don’t want but is this really showing the Universe how much you trust the process or that it would support you? If you’re fighting and putting all of your energy into keeping away what you don’t want, guess what? All that’s doing is also keeping away what you do want. So drop the resistance and find peace with what is and all the possibilities that can happen here. Acceptance doesn’t mean you’re telling the Universe you’re okay with that outcome, it is however confirming your trust in the plan, the Universe, and that you also know what you will and won’t accept. If you’re fearing an outcome and haven’t found peace with this yet, this is why you’re currently struggling to let go.

“If you’re fighting and putting all of your energy into keeping away what you don’t want, guess what? All that’s doing is also keeping away what you do want. So drop the resistance and find peace with what is and all the possibilities that can happen here.”

All Possibilities 

So let’s talk more about all possibilities here, when we’re surrendered and detached from an outcome we feel peace with all possibilities. We are not in control of the how’s, when’s, why’s etc and that in itself you also need to lean into acceptance with. So think about the three possibilities here – your desired outcome, it not happening/the opposite and it happening in a different way. Meet all three of those with the same energy – use the 50/50 co-creation scale here again. Are you meeting the Universe halfway with all three outcomes? Are you going over 50% on some by resisting and attaching? Are you giving one no energy what so ever? The key is to be balanced with all three, so work towards finding peace with all three outcomes otherwise you’ll still be pushing what you do want further away.

Going With The Flow

Next up it’s important to go with the flow, when you’re trying to lean into naturally letting go and detaching from your desire there is an element of going with the flow and trusting the process. Do you fully trust the Universe will serve this? Do you fully trust in your worthiness of this desire? Going with the flow essentially means you’re living in the present moment and taking it day by day. You’re not future tripping or saying ‘I’ll be happy when’ you’re focusing your energy on the present moment and finding joy here and now. When you can pull your energy back to the now, and embrace each day with new possibilities you take back your power and naturally lean into detaching. Joy is the ultimate creator so keep reminding yourself to create joy in each day here and now.


And finally, my last tip is gratitude, now it may seem like an obvious one but don’t skip past this tip even if you do a daily gratitude ritual. If you’re not grateful for your current circumstances how can the Universe deliver your desire? By getting present and finding acceptance you’re already setting the letting go wheels in motion – but it’s also important to get grateful in this energy too. Grateful for the journey, for the lessons so far along this path, and for all you have here and now. Here is a beautiful phase too so really tune into how you can get grateful for your manifesting journey so far and where you are here and now.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and it’s given you some great tips and tools to help you detach and naturally let go with manifesting. Enrollment to my sell-out 6-week Soulful Writing, Pitching & Marketing Your Book course is now open Queen! Do you have a fiction or non-fiction book within you that you’d like to share with the world? Would you like your professional book proposal I help you create, be automatically in two leading publishers’ hands? If you want to find out more information on my author course then you can do so by clicking here. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to. I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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