What an intense few weeks we’ve had energetically! I’ve had a lot of messages over on Instagram about the eclipse we’ve recently had (16th July 2019) and the weird and funky feelings we’ve also been having due to the Mercury retrograde. So this week I wanted to share with you my 5 ways to survive Mercury retrograde…

For those of you who don’t know what a Mercury retrograde is but have probably seen many spiritual folk cursing at it recently, it’s when the planet Mercury goes stationary and starts to turn the opposite way (retrograde). When Mercury is in retrograde, technology, communication, travel, logic, and information all get disrupted, but understanding Mercury retrograde’s true meaning, knowing its dates and how long it lasts can help you deal with astrology’s most nerve-wracking event. I promise there is nothing to fear with Mercury retrograde, so many fear it meaning through the law of attraction they’re manifesting delays, problems and negative feelings to themselves. Once you stop fearing the retrograde and understand how it can actually help you and it’s true meaning – you’re able to flow and work with the universe.

The retrograde can affect our health and bodies too, you may feel really tired during this time, have brain fog, feel lethargic, lack motivation or even have flu-like symptoms which are all designed to slow you down. In 2019 we have 3 Mercury retrograde’s (March 5-28, July 7-August 2, and October 31-November 20) they normally last around 3 weeks on average. So what is the real meaning behind this astrological event and why does it feel like chaos?

In a generation so dependent on technology, work and schedule – how else do you think the universe can force us to slow down and go within? The reason why it doesn’t need to be feared is that although yes, it’s annoying when things break, delays happen or communication suffers but this is all designed to put a spotlight on the areas of your life you’ve been avoiding. The retrograde is a time to go within, address any healing that needs to occur and to slow us down so we can rest and relax. This is why it’s common for ex’s to come back up or people from your past to pop up during a retrograde because old wounds resurface. See it as an opportunity to heal this finally and communicate clearly. Mixed with the two eclipse’s we’ve had this month there has been a lot of intense energy. Purging, wounds resurfacing, our past popping up, insomnia, nausea, triggering the lot – it’s been an interesting few weeks! Eclipses are different to planet retrogrades energetically and are designed to shake things up, uproot us, create new beginnings and change in our life. They literally shift our DNA by upgrading us and getting us to where we need to be.

“Once you stop fearing the retrograde and understand how it can actually help you and it’s true meaning – you’re able to flow and work with the universe.”

So right now ride the wave, feel the positivity of this energy and allow yourself to feel the triggering when it comes up also. It’s okay, you’re not going backwards, even though it may feel like it these old feelings, thoughts and wounds are just coming back up to be healed properly. You may feel shame or guilt currently and this is absolutely a time to work on forgiveness for yourself and others and release this on the full moon eclipse (which you can still do it was only two days ago). Be gentle with yourself during this time and witness the big shifts and healing that’s happened within you already, because this is all a positive and working for your highest good. Now onto my five top tips to survive this Mercury retrograde…

Go With The Flow

Right now is not the time to try and control things, you’re being slowed down for a reason listen to this! What is the universe trying to show you and what have you been avoiding recently? Now is the perfect time to rest, take a vacation, relax and allow yourself to be guided through this period. Forcing is not flowing and no matter what you try to push forward with right now, trust the delays are helping you and at the perfect time, you can move forward again with ease and a new awareness which you may have not had before the retrograde.

When Things Don’t Work

When your technology breaks down, doesn’t work or projects you’ve been working on also get effected it can be a frustrating time. When these roadblocks happen to you, know that it’s the universe diverting your attention away from your phone or work. Look up, get outside, use this time to do something different and once again address anything that you’ve been avoiding. The pause time is necessary and will allow you to move forward at the right time without rushing and from a relaxed place energetically.

Communicate Clearly

Communication can also be greatly affected during the retrograde, with all the triggering going on at the moment it is vital that you don’t overreact right now. If you feel triggered by someone, take a step back, calm down and address the issue when you can come from a place of neutrality and calm not in the heat of the moment. Equally, if you’re being ignored or communication has completely broken down trust this space is helping the situation. Focus your attention elsewhere, onto all the positive’s in your life and see how you feel in the next few weeks once the retrograde is over. Miscommunication can be heightened during this time so try to make sure you’re being honest, clear and calm in all conversations.

Don’t Sign Contracts

This one is a bit of a myth, I’ve always been told don’t make big commitments or sign contracts during a Mercury retrograde. There is nothing wrong with doing so if you have to absolutely do sign! The message here is more of a case of reflection, can you wait? If you waited a few weeks would it be the end of the world? With miscommunication and delays heightened right now I always find just waiting those few extra weeks does really help in my decision making and will be done in a new fresh energy. So ask yourself if you’re facing any big decisions or contracts right now – can this wait a few weeks while I take a step back and address what the universe is shining the spotlight on right now?

How To Deal With Delays

And finally the ultimate frustration – delays! Whether it’s travel, decisions, contracts or just moving forward in life trust the process. This is all working towards your highest good and what is meant for you will never pass you by. If you’re delayed with travel plans, don’t stress – what can you do with this newfound time to be productive? If your plans have come to a standstill – what else could you do in this time which would bring you joy? Trust in the divine timing of life and know you’re always exactly where you’re meant to be. If you fight the universe it’s only going to make things harder, and as I said earlier if you see Mercury retrograde as a hindrance and a nuisance you will attract more frustrating situations to yourself. Go with the flow and trust that when the retrograde has passed you will feel a new sense of awareness, calm, and be ready to move forward. This is all about balance remember so all of this is reminding us to slow down, stop and make sure we’re not neglecting anything important in our life.

I hope this blog post has helped you and given you some great tools and advice on how to survive the retrograde. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below. Don’t forget you can also buy my book Spiritual Queen from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Waterstones worldwide now. I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx


Emma xx
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