Spiritual Queen Retreat 2019 - Emma Mumford

On the 6th July 2019 in the heart of Dorset I hosted my first ever Spiritual Queen Retreat. After the success of my Summit in February this year I knew I wanted to host another event locally but with a much more relaxed vibe and feel. Twenty-four lovely ladies decided this was for them and last weekend we all came together for a day of sisterhood, self-love, healing and positive vibes. The intention I set for the retreat was clarity and for the ladies to find the answers they sought. Each talk, healing session or meditation throughout the day all reflected this and the feedback we had from the ladies afterwards was incredible. I thought I’d bring you along and show you what we got up to in my first Spiritual Queen Retreat.

Spiritual Queen Retreat 2019 - Emma Mumford

Goody Bags

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Spiritual Queen event without a fantastic goody bag! I want to say a massive thank you to the incredible brands and small businesses who kindly contributed to the goody bags and spoilt the ladies on Saturday. The incredible Kelly from Dandelion & Bloom created these beautiful flower crowns for us you see us wearing, I couldn’t be more grateful for these as everyone kept saying how pretty they were and how fitting they were for the retreat. Also a big thank you to Blossoming Gifts for kindly supplying the red roses for a guided meditation aid in one of my workshops, Mr Lee’s Noodles for supplying the ladies with yummy treats to take home and enjoy, Skinny Water (Biosynergy) for keeping the ladies hydrated throughout the day, Huski home for kindly giving the ladies an eco-friendly and sustainable travel cup to enjoy and finally Pernaton for giving the ladies some samples of their mussel gel. I also gave each lady a moon journal and a piece of rose quartz from my online merchandise store.

Spiritual Queen Retreat 2019 - Emma Mumford

The Venue

My first Spiritual Queen Retreat was held at the stunning Merley House which is a building of historical significance and is Grade I listed on the English Heritage Register. It’s located in the heart of Wimborne, Dorset. I chose this venue as decor wise it’s stunning and also a popular wedding venue locally, it’s close to my hometown and I know Merley House well from my childhood and growing up nearby. The staff were so attentive and helpful throughout the whole process and on the day and really made it enjoyable for all of us. I will absolutely be going back next year as it really was the perfect venue for the day and hopefully showed everyone visiting the beauty of Dorset.

Spiritual Queen Retreat 2019 - Emma Mumford

My Workshops

Throughout the day I delivered two very different workshops to what I’m used to. The first being my latest work – wealth and finding fulfilment in the now which is the topic of my next book. Secondly, I did a workshop all on fear, reclaiming our power and protecting ourselves energetically where I did a guided meditation with roses to help the ladies connect to their protection, solar plexus chakra and the divine feminine energy. I really enjoyed doing such different workshops than what I’m used to and I hope the ladies found the practices, advice and tools useful in their everyday lives.

Spiritual Queen Retreat 2019 - Emma Mumford Spiritual Queen Retreat 2019 - Emma Mumford

Guest Speakers 

As well as delivering my own workshops throughout the day, Kitty Waters who is a Dharma coach, speaker and serial entrepreneur and Hannah Wallace an integrative coach, speaker and author gave two incredible workshops all on Dharma, purpose and connecting to our divine feminine energy. Both ladies were incredible and I was proud to have them by my side supporting the day and once again creating sacred sisterhood by supporting one another.Spiritual Queen Retreat 2019 - Emma Mumford

Meditations & Chanting

Hannah and I also provided numerous healing meditations throughout the day. Most were designed to ground the ladies, connect them and help them to find clarity. Hannah also did a chanting session to raise the vibration within the room and to help re-align the ladies chakras. There’s nothing like a bit of singing all together to bring you out of your comfort zone!

Spiritual Queen Retreat 2019 - Emma Mumford

Spiritual Queen Retreat 2019 - Emma Mumford

Gong Bath & Yoga Sessions

As well as the guest speakers we also had the lovely Scania Price join us throughout the day to give the ladies a deeply healing gong bath for an hour and Simona Skucha from Lusso Pure Equlibirim joined us in the afternoon to give the ladies an hour’s yoga session designed to connect and ground them through movement.

All in all, it was an incredible day and I feel so grateful to be able to create and host these events and be able to meet you guys 1-to-1! I enjoy meeting you all and hearing your incredible stories, the retreat was a much more relaxed vibe which allowed me to talk to more of you and see the healing and transformation happening in the room throughout the day. Thank you to everyone who helped and made this possible as well as the 24 ladies who answered the call and showed up for themselves, I loved sharing the space with you and hope the day was as enjoyable for you as it was for me to witness. I will be announcing the Spiritual Queen Summit 2020 in London details soon and will absolutely be doing another retreat at Merley House next summer again. So I hope to see you guys there next time and create even more magic! Finally a big thank you to Ben Kapur for capturing and filming the day, all photos in this blog post are his work and the promotional video you see on my Youtube and event page also.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post and seeing some snippets of the day. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you want to join us next year! I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx 

Spiritual Queen Retreat 2019 - Emma Mumford

Spiritual Queen Retreat 2019 - Emma Mumford

Spiritual Queen Retreat 2019 - Emma Mumford


Emma xx
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